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Cairnbrogie Mountain Bike Park

Plettenberg Bay

General info

Plett mountain bike, trail running and hiking parks at Cainbrogie on the Airport Road have a variety of action-packed routes for all levels of riders, runners and hikers. An ideal controlled environment to develop and hone mountain bike skills on a Dirt LAB designed pump track and a series of trails.

Biking routes includes the 1.3km, 2.6km, 4km, and 10km along with the most spectacular Garden Route coastal scenery. For those into hiking, there are a variety of stunning beautiful runs or hikes to keep you occupied all day.

Cairnbrogie has numerous hiking trails around the farm and to the picturesque coastline; these are also open for trail running.

Once a year during Easter the course is made available for the Pennypinchers Adventure Trail run which is fast becoming one of the must-run events on the Easter Trail Running Circuit.

Cairnbrogie is blessed with a large area in which to develop MTB trails. Our aim is to provide intermediate skill riding for young riders. The learning of basic bike control skills will be a focus of the trails. Older more experienced riders can enjoy remarkable scenery on their way to the well-know SANPARKS and Cape Pine MTB trails. 

Cairnbrogie was fortunate to have DirtLab, an industry leader in the construction and design of pump tracks and trails, to help design and build our pump track. DirtLab shared their passion and expertise with us to truly build a one of a kind pump track in Plettenberg Bay.

Pump tracks are extremely popular among a multitude of riders and at Cairnbrogie we offer children and older riders a safe environment to be active on. The tracks feature a series of bumps/rollers that allow riders to use their momentum in order to gain speed and carry momentum. It is great fun so bring your bike, scooters, push bikes etc. and join us at the Cairnbrogie PumpTrack.

Some Views

Beautiful images taken from Cairnbrogie Mountain Bike Park

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